t20 world cup namibia

T20 World Cup Namibia’s Victory | Serves as a wake-up call for the ICC 2022!

T20 World Cup Namibia

T20 World Cup Namibia, according to Eagles coach Pierre de Bruyn, Namibia’s T20 World Cup victory against Sri Lanka is “the greatest wake-up call” for the International Cricket Council (ICC). On Sunday, the Africans stunned the 2014 winners by winning by 55 runs in the tournament’s first match in Australia.

T20 World Cup Namibia

That outcome shook the cricketing world the T20 World Cup Namibia, and De Bruyn thinks it will have a long-term influence on Namibia and other ICC associate states. “The associate nations have progressed a lot, but it sometimes seems like they’re being swept under the rug, that [the ICC] isn’t seeing what we’re doing,” De Bruyn told BBC Sport Africa. “I am aware that all associate teams are dissatisfied with their visibility, possibilities, and resources, particularly finance. What occurred in the first two days of the tournament, in my opinion, sends a strong message to the rest of the globe and the ICC.”

A day after Namibia knocked Sri Lanka out for 108 in their 163-7 defense, Scotland defeated the West Indies by 42 runs in Hobart at the T20 World Cup Namibia. In fact, two associate countries, relegated to the second rung of cricket’s strict hierarchy, had comfortably defeated two past World Cup champions while playing a type of efficient cricket belying their tiny position. Many media sources across the globe have labeled Namibia and Scotland as “minnows,” but De Bruyn bristles at the analogy before of Tuesday’s Group A encounter against the Netherlands.

“I believe it’s insulting,” he adds solemnly as a JJ Smit hoick over midwicket at the T20 World Cup Namibia. “It all boils down to money. It boils down to a nation with 2.4 million people having adequate resources to develop players from the age of 13 and pushing them to perform their best. “I have 16 guys to chose from around the nation. If I have two injuries or two Covid cases, I have to play with 14 players, which the ICC does not allow.

“We have just five cricket clubs. T20 World Cup Namibia does not have a province structure. I’d like to send a message to the ICC on associate cricket. I believe we have a big obligation as Namibians to do it again.”

Playing the ‘ideal game’

T20 World Cup Namibia

De Bruyn offers a few suggestions that he feels can bridge the gap between the game’s haves and have-nots. He recommends reorganizing international cricket by holding tri-series with two full member nations (such as England or India) and one associate team. He has urged the ICC to take more responsibility and spend more monies in these developing countries’ grassroots infrastructure.

The 45-year-old is pragmatic, recognizing that the more established boards are unlikely to make way for Namibia, which will co-host the 2027 T20 World Cup Namibia, unless they can consistently provide a challenge on the field. Sri Lanka, who defeated Namibia by seven wickets in last year’s T20 World Cup, are just the African nation’s third full ICC member to be defeated. Last year’s event saw all-rounder David Wiese excel in an eight-wicket triumph over Ireland, while the Eagles won a 3-2 series against Zimbabwe earlier this year.

“We were skittled out for 96 against Sri Lanka last year,” De Bruyn recalls.

“We came back a year later and played the ideal game against the Asia Cup winners. I can’t express how proud I am.

“That, however, is history on the T20 World Cup Namibia. At training, I informed my guys that there is good news and bad news. The good news is that they have another chance to make their presence known. The bad news is that yesterday has passed us by.

“It was the most important moment of our lives, but it does not ensure that we would go on to defeat the Netherlands. I’ve already started scheming and planning.”

Feeling the heat before of the Dutch match

The Netherlands is brimming with senior players who have played in the world’s top franchise leagues at the T20 World Cup Namibia. The outstanding stars of a side that has been a standard bearer for associate cricket countries include Colin Ackermann, Roelof van der Merwe, and Tom Cooper. If they win and Sri Lanka defeats the UAE later on Tuesday, Namibia would qualify for the Super 12s stage for the second time in a row.

T20 World Cup Namibia

If they do so, they will very certainly advance as group champions, joining England, Australia, New Zealand, and Afghanistan in the following round. De Bruyn, on the other hand, is determined to keep his squad grounded. “We have to,” he continues, “even though you want to hang on to times like Sunday for as long as possible.”

“You have to reset and concentrate on the next game, and we only have one day to do it. It’s quite difficult. It’s overwhelming for both the players and myself as a coach. “It is not simple. I am aware of the pressure of T20 World Cup Namibia odds. Our press expects us to [qualify] right away. They’re asking whether we can go to the semi-finals right now! That will come with success. “Fortunately, I’m dealing with a modest set of guys, and there’s a broader picture. They’ve created history. It was a fantastic day for both international and Namibian cricket.”